Even Easier Writing?

It’s been a while since I last wrote about writing. Here I am again, and I’ve found a new tool to make it even easier to get my writing online. As you know, I like actual handwriting, using a pen on paper. I then realized that tablets allowed me to write with a stylus, getting unlimited room to put down you thoughts. This is great, but it still has the drawback of being script on a page.  It’s not searchable, people can’t read the scrawl… What I really want is handwriting recognition so I don’t need to re-enter my work.

Since iOS 8 this is now a possibility. I’ve found a handwriting recognition keyboard called MyScript Stylus.  There are no letters to tap – the keyboard is replaced with an area where you can write or print. It’s beautiful.

I said I’d write more in the future, but I’m not making any more promises :-) This sure does combine the best of both worlds though, and it might be easier to get writing.

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