Let the Computer do Your Dirty Work

You know those tasks that you have that keep coming up? The ones that are long and boring where you do the same thing every time? Maybe you have to do them every week or month. Or worse, maybe you have to do them every day. There’s a good chance that task (or process) can be automated. Let’s take a look at how and why you should automate your processes.

What Is Process Automation?

Automating a process is taking steps performed manually and turning them into code so the computer can do them. That’s pretty much it.


Save time – If your process has 8 steps and each takes 1 minute, the time taken is 8 minutes. It’s a pretty good bet that you can take those 8 minutes and turn them into seconds. We recently took a client’s 3 hour process and reduced it to 5 minutes.

Reduce Errors – Computers are good at doing the same thing over and over. If you give it the same input, you’ll get the same output. Computers don’t make errors because they’re tired or because they forgot what they are doing before they went for lunch. Having your process automated means you’ll get the same consistent result each time, without errors.

Save Money¬†– There is a small up-front cost for the development of the automation software. However, this cost is saved many times over once the software is used regularly. Using our client as an example, she’ll save almost 3 hours of expense per week by automating her process. Those 3 hours can now be used to create more product. This doubles the value of the time saved. Put another way, the time and effort that would have been wasted as expense can be used to create profit.

Take a look at the things you do. Ask yourself if you could benefit from automation. More likely than not the answer will be yes.

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