The Purpose of a Website

Welcome to the Evening Design blog! My initial post discusses the purpose of a website.

What a Website Is

Your website is your little space in the online world where you get to showcase your brand. It’s your stake in the sand that declares “This is what I do!” or “This is who I am!” It’s the place where you tell people how your company got started, how they can contact you, and where you put your catalog/price list/menu. It’s where you share your poignant bloggable thoughts that enhance the depth of your offering. Your website has all the information about you or your business that people need to know.

Why You Need a Website

You put this information on your website so it becomes the one place that people go to learn about you. Your tweets, business cards, flyers, and Facebook status updates can only provide a limited amount of information. Your website is the information source that these social avenues lead back to so that people can explore and discover more about you or your business.

If you are looking to have an online presence or want to tweak your existing site, let us know, we’d love to help you come up with a solution.

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