Evening Design is a husband and wife development team from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The name pretty much says it all - we design things in the evening because that's when the kids are in bed and we have free time to do what we want to do! We've always enjoyed making things work on the web - the distributed, collaborative, always-on nature of it appeals to us. There are lots of problems that a web-based solution can solve (or at least help with), and we strive to help you find the solution that's right for you.

We also like to have fun and love being outside, whether it's camping, cycling, or having a water balloon fight.


Ryan started his day-job career in 2001 at Traxis, Inc in the Geographical Information Systems department. Traxis is now defunct, but there were some really neat problems to work on when displaying data on maps in a custom-built GIS application.

Ryan moved on to Point2 Technologies, Inc (now a division of Yardi Systems) in 2002. During his time there he did everything from development to people management to product management. That experience has given him a unique perspective on software development - he gets developers, and he gets business people. It's really valuable to be able to bridge that gap.

Ryan of Evening Design


Wendy started her career as a developer at SED Systems in 2001. She built their public-facing website back then and then moved into user interfaces for satellite monitor and control systems (yes, the satellites that are in space).

Six years after starting at SED, the clock started ticking and the first of 3 children was born. Even though she enjoyed her job, she knew she was going to love being a mother even more. Now Wendy's work consists of being at home with the (no so) wee ones and everything that comes with it. She still likes cutting code though, and what better way to do that than to build some websites and make people's lives just a bit easier.

Wendy of Evening Design